2023- THE SPIRAL LABYRINTH: The album is released on October 6, 2023 By Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions. The album is divided into eight pieces, with an approximate duration of 9 minutes each. It’s a conceptual journey through different scenarios with the common denominator on the pain, the anguish, the hypersensitivity and the struggle with a highly functioning depression, which is absolutely based on a real condition.

Vessel Part I: The Night Within             
2. Vessel Part II: The Day We All Failed                  
3. The End of All Things Endless                
4. Yours Is a Legacy of Broken Glass and Poisoned Wells                
5. September 6th, 1995                 
6. The Waning Glow                       
7. Song for the Inert – Part I                        
8. Ethereal / A Song for Nel

  • Music, Lyrics and arrangements by the SolNegre Collective
  • Guitar Solo in “Vessel part I” by Mike le Rossetti @mikelerossettiguitar
  • Vocals in “Ethereal/A song for Nel” by Gadea es Ineseta @gadea.esineseta
  • Vocals in “Song for the Inert” by Ivan Arrieta “Rasputin Doompriest” @rasputin_doompriest
  • Piano solo in “Ethereal/A song for Nel” by Tià Pujol @sebastia.pujolroig
  • SolNegre Logo and Layout by Andreu Art @jodidamenteheavy
  • Cover art in “Vessel part I” by Threadbare Artwork
  • All other artwork by the SolNegre Collective
  • Recorded at Diorama Sound @dioramasound during Autumn 2022. Engineered by Toni Salvà.