Interview SolNegre at kraykulla webzine

23 Mar

(Interview) SolNegre – ‘Nowadays extreme metal is part of pop culture and probably a great part of the magic is lost.’

Solnegre from Spain intrigued me with their music, so it was about time for me to talk with them a little for this webzine.

For start, classic fanzine question: how would you describe Solnegre to the readers of this webzine that didn’t hear of your band before?

We are a Doom Death Metal band from a small island amidst the sea. We try to process our negativity and our frustrations into something with purpose, not only as a mean to express how fucked up we, which is easy, are but also in order to turn this darker being into something beautiful and controllable.

What does doom/death metal, mean to you? Or extreme metal in general?

Extreme metal as a way of taking things a bit beyond is a language through which one can connect the dots of its darkest self. It’s the realization of the fact that Art is not always about being constructive, extrovert, or joyful. It’s the supreme recognition that a darker self exists and that it deserves to be heard above the social conventions that pushes everyone to show its best happy face in order to be successful. We were teens in the 90’s teens, so we’ve experienced the extreme metal in its rawest form, when the concerts were stopped or best case you were bombarded by ice cubes from the crowd and people called you ‘nothing but noise’. I recall those as a very good time, a true fight. Nowadays extreme metal is part of pop culture and probably a great part of the magic is lost.